Steampunk Art -alias- Marcel Boonen.

Workshop: Zeezicht Schelsberg 94 6413AG Heerlen Netherlands.

Office: Schubertstraat 16-1 6137RB Sittard Netherlands.

Phone: 0031628556604


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Behind the scene there's also a noble side to my craftsmanship which has great influence on society. I offer creative day activities for people with disabilities which enhances their own sense of self-worth and independence and provides them with a useful and challenging way of spending their days. I also provide workshops for technical schools to enthuse young people for workmanship in welding and metalworking. This is very valuable because the interest in craftwork decreases each year and there is a shortage of skilled metal workers. In short, my work has a much wider support than only creating art. However. The effects of the economic crisis are still giving me a hard time and it's extremely difficult to make a living as an professional artist nowadays. Becoming a professional artist was not a choice but it’s in my DNA. I simply have to extend my talent to fabricate more beautiful things, to inspire others and so that you and many others can enjoy my creations.

So please, If you can effort it, donate today. Your donation can make the difference that 15 years of creative development hasn't been in vain. Even the smallest donation can help to mountain the importance of Steampunk Art.

Steampunk-Art is a department of Vistazo, Services for the Performing Arts.
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