Steampunk Art Mobiles.
Artist: Marcel Boonen.
In 2006 I build these two impressive mobile installations wish are used in a street theatre performance called Magia Del Fuego of theatre Vistazo. After 7 years it’s time to end the tour of this spectacular and therefore I offer two of the three mobiles for sale.

Both mobiles are completely dismountable and can be transported in a van or box truck. It takes only one hour to construct both mobiles and only 30 minutes to dismantle. Once constructed, the objects can be moved easily by manpower. Both mobiles feature fire torches operating on propane available in any camping store. The largest mobile can hold two persons on a platform and one or two people are needed to drag it through the streets. The dimensions of the largest mobile: Height: 5,50meters/Length: 5,50meters/Wide:2,20meters. The smallest mobile can hold one person standing on a platform or sitting down and only one person can drag it through the streets. The dimensions of the smallest mobile: Height: 2,50meters/Length: 3,10meters/Wide: 2,30meters.

Sailing Ship Seth
Features two fire torches operating on propane.
Height: 5,50meters/Length: 5,50meters/Wide:2,20meters

Air Ship Anoubis
Features one fire torch operating on propane.
Height: 2,50meters/Length: 3,10meters/Wide: 2,30meters

Images Sailing Ship Seth

Images Air Ship Anoubis
Marcel Boonen

Steampunk - art
Schubertstraat 16-1 6137RB
Sittard Netherlands